Q: What is electronic rust prevention?

A: Electronic rust protection is the use of electricity to prevent or control rust on steel. There are various forms of electronic rust protection, some technologies have been in daily use protecting ocean going vessels, underground pipelines, offshore oil rigs, bridges and other large capital investments for over forty years.

Q: How does RustStop® RSi work?

A: Rust is basically an electrochemical process. Rust needs free-electrons to form. The strong positive charge on the Anodes (Rust Magnets™) attract the negative free-electrons away from the structure and they now corrode rather than the steel.

Q: I have heard that cathodic protection will only be effective if the metal is submerged in water and is ineffective in dry conditions?

A: That is true for “classical cathodic protection” systems. RustStop® RSi uses an advanced dual protection enabling protection in atmospheric (open air) conditions. Instead of relying on the electrolyte (water) to surround the anodes and structure, a current is impressed onto the steel through the special graphite based, open-cell, partially conductive tape, forcing the electrons to flow though the metal and towards strategically placed positively charged Anodes (Rust Magnets™). The Anodes (Rust Magnets™) corrode and the corrosion process is interfered with.

Q: Will RustStop® RSi cause electrical shocks if a person touches the steel.

A: No. RustStop® RSi is as safe as the 240V is stepped down to 45V and will not cause any electrical shocks by merely touching the steel.

Q: Will RustStop® RSi be effective on existing rust?

A: Yes. Independent test results show that RustStop® is very effective in controlling formed rust from spreading and increased protection can be obtained by the use of RustStop® Rx200.

Q: Can RustStop® RSi be used in conjunction with spray-on rustproofing?

A: Yes, RustStop® RSi electronic rust protection will compliment any undercoating or spray-on type rustproofing application giving maximum effectiveness.