RSi Features


New 6 Channel System – Drives 18 anodes

The new RSi has been upgraded from 4 to 6 channels, so what does this mean? Each channel is an isolated output with the capacity to drive 3 anodes meaning that it can now drive 18 anodes and also if there is a fault with one of the channels, only that channel will go into standby instead of the entire system ensuring that there is not a break in protection. This is a feature first implemented on the RustStop® RS-5 vehicle systems which have 2 channels, but it is even more important on the RSi due to the greater size of the equipment being protected. Acts as an electronic corrosion inhibitor and electronic rust inhibitor.

Protects up to 180m2 of Steel per system

The increased number of anodes means more steel can be protected by each RSi system. Each anode can protect up to approximately 10m2 giving total protection to about 180m2 of steel per RSi system.

RSi is a modular electronic rust protector

For applications which need protection of more than 200m2 of steel, then multiple RSi systems can be connected in series.


Anodes corrode and replaced after 2 years

Rust that would have formed on the steel of the equipment is now transferred onto the anodes as corrosion.