RSi Technical Specs


RSi – Industrial System (Six Channel)

Input Voltage: 220/240 Volt AC
Current Drawn under DRY Conditions: < 0.060A
Current Drawn under WET Conditions: < 0.350A
Current Drawn under Low Supply Voltage: < 0.006A
Ground: (-) Negative (GREEN)
Housing: High Grade ABS Plastic
Weight Complete: Approx. 1,450 Kilograms
Number of Channels: 6
Max Anodes per Channel: 3 in Series
Number of Anodes: 18
Output Voltage: > +45 Volts
Anode Wire: Not supplied*
Approximate Coverage: 180m2


Due to the weight of wiring and variation in what is required per installation, there is no anode wire charged for or supplied with the system. Normally 100m is more than sufficient, however more may be needed for larger structures. As a minimum, the following wire specifications should be used but higher quality wire can be used in very extreme conditions (e.g. silcone insulation, stainless steel conductor core).

Minimum Wire Specifications

  • Multi Strand Panel Flex wire
  • Size: 0.75mm square
  • Voltage Rating 500V
  • Nominal Current Rating 3A
  • Strand No x Diameter: 14 x 0.21
  • Temp.range – 10 to 80 degrees C
  • Insulation: Flexible grade PVC
  • Flexibility class 4&5
  • Conductor type: High Conductivity annealed copper